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Duct Work


Your Heating and Air Conditioning System is only half of the equation. The other half is the duct work, which can be considered the back bone of your entire system. Once the air is conditioned to the desired temperature we must get it to the desired location. This is where you can lose most of your system’s efficiency by heating or cooling your attic or crawlspace if your duct work is not up to par. Call us today for an FREE estimate to inspect the condition of your duct work.

Duct Cleaning

Feeling sick lately? It could be due to the air your breathing inside your own home! Pets, dust, duct condition and location can all be contributing factors to cause your duct work to be unsanitary and possibly causing or prolonging illnesses for you and your family. Duct Cleaning is done with a RotoBrush brand duct cleaning machine using hepa-filters. Once the ducts are clean, the system is then fogged using a micro-biocide to kill any bacteria or germs still within your duct system. Call us today for a FREE estimate to keep you and your family breathing easy & Healthy!

Receive a free duct cleaning & Fogging with the purchase of a complete system or package unit.